At Women’s Health Professionals, your regular doctor is a surgical pioneer.

We are proud to have a panel of doctors that not only offer you the best possible gynecological and obstetric care but also are advanced surgeons in these fields. If the need for surgery becomes part of your treatment regimen, our doctors will consult with you and will offer the height of surgical expertise.

da Vinci®

In addition to both traditional and laparoscopic procedures, Women’s Health Professionals is excited to offer its patients the most advanced minimally invasive approach to hysterectomies available today—da Vinci® Hysterectomy.  Surpassing the limits of conventional laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci® is revolutionizing gynecologic surgery for women. And your team at Women’s Health Professional is proud to be Albany’s first and only certified da Vinci® practice! Using the da Vinci® Surgical System, Drs. Talley, Smurda, and Kitchen can treat a wide range of gynecological conditions—from chronic pelvic pain to abnormal bleeding with just a few small incisions. This allows you to get back to your life faster without the usual recovery following major surgery.

The da Vinci® System allows surgeons to operate with unsurpassed 3DHD visualization, dexterity, surgical precision, control and ergonomic comfort. The result is what potentially may be better surgery, with more patients that are now candidates for a minimally invasive approach.

Hysterectomy is the most common female surgery: In fact, one in three women in the United States will have a hysterectomy before she turns 60. This procedure is performed for a variety of conditions, including excessive bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, cancer and pre-cancer. Currently, the vast majority of hysterectomies are still performed via open incision.

While no woman wants to face surgery, today the vast majority of complex gynecologic conditions - from endometriosis to uterine fibroids, heavy periods to cancer - can now be treated effectively without a big incision. da Vinci® Surgery only requires a few tiny incisions, so patients can get back to life faster - within days rather than the usual weeks required with traditional surgery. For most women, da Vinci® Surgery offers numerous potential benefits over traditional open surgery, including:

  • Significantly less pain
  • Less blood loss and need for transfusion
  • Fewer complications
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery and return to normal activities
  • Small incisions for minimal scarring
  • Better outcomes and patient satisfaction, in many cases