Midwifery/Nurse Practitioners

The Women’s Health Professionals team includes more than physicians and nurses.

Women’s Health Professionals is proud to have Lynette Talley, a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Penny Champion and Sharon Pierce, a Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, on our team. One advantage of having both obstetricians and a Nurse-Midwife in a practice is that we can offer women a full range of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum care.

Our goal is to be partners with you in your health and wellbeing, and this extends to your baby as well. With Women’s Health Professionals, you have choices about exactly how you will handle your pregnancy and delivery.

Nurse-midwives are highly trained specialists who can offer a more natural approach to childbirth for those interested in those methods. If you are exploring various methods and have questions regarding labor and delivery, please contact Lynette to discuss the benefits of having a Nurse-Midwife on your team.

Certified Nurse-Midwives are experienced, registered nurses who have completed an intensive postgraduate program. Our Nurse-Midwife is licensed by the State of Georgia to practice midwifery and credentialed by the hospital to assist and manage births. Midwives are particularly skilled in providing personalized, supportive care to women and their families during labor. Furthermore, our Nurse-Midwife is always available to our patients for assistance with breast-feeding and other new parent concerns. She is also responsible for teaching childbirth classes. For more information about these classes and our childbirth team, take a look at our Obstetrics page.

In addition to being nationally recognized health care specialists who assist women in having their babies, midwives, along with nurse practitioners, also handle routine gynecological health needs, excluding surgical procedures.

We believe the team approach to pregnancy and childbirth offers you the absolute best possible combination of professionals with varying experiences and expertise.