Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What insurance plans does your practice accept?

    We accept most insurance plans from major providers. Most recently, we began accepting all plans from United Health Care.

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  • Why should I consider using a midwife?

    At Women’s Health Professional, we have a collaborative practice, meaning that the midwife and physicians share the same patients and

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  • When I come in for a regular, annual physical, what can I expect? What tests do you typically run?

    An annual gynecological exam consists of an examination of several body systems including one’s heart, lungs, abdomen and thyroid as

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  • What type of birth control is most effective?

    Of course, abstinence is the most effective form of birth control . Aside from abstinence, the predominate type of birth control

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  • At what age should my daughter begin seeing a gynecologist?

    Young women should start seeing a gynecologist at any point they begin having female-related health issues. This could be as

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